Best Styles of Custom Favor Candle Boxes That You Must Try This Year

Most people give sweets as a favor at ceremonial events and festivals. But candles are also proved to be the best option to serve on different events as favors. People also love favor candles, and their aroma makes them adorable for your customers. Therefore, favor candle suppliers always make their efforts to come up with opulent and catchy candle packaging solutions. So, do you want to look appealing to your favorite candles? Then must use custom favor candle boxes that offer you to choose the enlisting aspect as per your choice

  • Material
  • Color
  • Styles
  • Printing options 
  • Design
  • Add-on
  • Style 
  • Logo
  • Window 

This article explains the best style every favorite candle seller must try this year to uplift your business and brand sales. 

1-2-3 auto bottom With Top Tuck-end And Light Pastels 

The first style makes by merging two packaging styles: the 1-2-3 bottom and the tuck-end. This structure proved an outstanding option to provide the security of your product and make them majestic for your customers. Add to this; brands print these boxes with alluring and engaging colors, so you have the choice to play with earthy tones, bold shades, muted colors, and light pastels according to your demand. Also, this style can make with cardboard, Kraft, and bux board material. 

Rigid Made 2-piece Candle Boxes 

Make your favorite candle boxes royal and luxurious with rigid material. Many brands use 2-piece rigid boxes to pack their opulent items to grab customers' attention. Furthermore, rigid materials are the foremost choice in making luxury candle boxes for your brand. Rigid material makes the multiple layers of cardstock to create the spellbinding and robust material for your candles. Plus, foil stamping, embossing, and debossing make your candles worthy in the industry. 

Luxury Wedding Favor Candles With Decorative Material 

Insert decorative items in your favor candle boxes to upgrade the quality and appearance of your candle packaging in the industry. So, favor candle manufacturers choose beads, ribbons, flowers, laces, net cloth, and many more options to design your personalized favor candle boxes. Also, you can show your gratitude towards your brand by using personalized inserts in your candle packaging. 

Cylindrical Shaped Favor Candle Packaging 

The trend of using simple square-shaped favor candle boxes is common; you need to add value to your product appearance by using catchy and mesmerizing shapes. So, cylindrical-shaped boxes are best to pack your fragile candles in secure packaging boxes. Add to this; use to ribbon on the top of favor candle boxes to make them more titillating for your end-users. Plus, you can print brand names on your favor candle boxes to boost your audience's engagement and recognition. 

Slant Triangle Hinged Favor Candle Boxes 

Now it's time to make something simple and elegant for your customers that they buy at first glance to gift their loved ones. So, use slant triangular rigid-made boxes with an insert to pack your favor candle that grasps the customer's attention. Also, the black color with gold foil to print information on the candle boxes you can make captivating for your customers. Also, you have the option to use various colors on your candle boxes to make them perfect. Plus, you can choose any attractive foil color instead of gold, like silver, gunmetal, bronze, copper, and burgundy, according to your favorite candle packaging box color. 

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Cube Favor Candle Boxes with Inserts 

Cuboid-shaped boxes still rule in the industry to follow the minimalistic approach to making affordable and functional favor candle boxes. Moreover, the addition of extra security materials dividers, props, and inserts ensures the protection of your favors candles and boosts the value of your products. 

Hexagonal Custom Favor Candle Boxes 

As the name shows, these favor candle boxes come in hexagonal shape boxes. Such boxes have six-corner that provides enough space to place candles secure from any mishandling and shipment issue. Moreover, such boxes are best to pack your candles and make with any material like corrugated, rigid, cardboard, and Kraft. Also, if it offers enough, so pack to print content and design on favor candle boxes to make them appealing. Plus, such custom-printed favor candle boxes offer a sleek look to your favor candles and make them swanky for your target customers. 

Wrapping Up Discussed Styles 

The long and short of the above write-up is to explain the top and unique styles for your custom favor candle boxes that upgrade the beauty of your products. So, you need to use cylindrical candle boxes, 1-2-3 bottom with tuck-end boxes, hexagonal boxes, cube boxes with inserts, rigid made 2-piece boxes, and slant triangle favor candle boxes for your customers. Now it is your turn to create a mockup for your favorite candle boxes with customized solutions.