Notable designs for the custom french fries cones

Why do you need custom cones for your french fries business?

From old times to the current era, only the outlook of the products are upgraded, but the basics and roots of the products remain the same. French fries are also one of the products which are always in demand. Huge demand creates a lot of opportunities to invest in a specific business, and that is the reason the competition escalates. Now the race to win the hearts of the customers started.

There are a lot of things that would be done by french fries brands to cater to the unique requirements of the market as well as customers. The most important thing to do is the use of proper as well as custom packaging for the french fries. In this context, the french fries cones are considered best. There are a lot of options for customizing the french fries cones. 

Moreover, the cones that are used for wrapping the french fries can also deliver a branded impression if they are designed in accordance with the brand requirements. For example, if you print the following details on the custom french fries cones:

  • The french fries brand name.
  • Any specific symbol.
  • Logo, trademark, or slogans.

However, in addition to making the packaging brand relevant, you also need a sound design that is also per the trend of the industry. Few common but most useful design options are discussed in the further article. 

Polka dots cone design for the french fries

Simple dots scattered on the plain one-color sheet would just double the impact of the french fries brand. These dots add the sense of simple design, and the symmetry of the dots enhances the elegance of the cones. So, instead of using simple paper, it is advised to go for minimalist design paper like the polka dot sheets. However, the best option for this design is the custom color selection. 

The coloring options are limitless for the custom french fries cones, so you can choose any color combination for your polka dots. However, the option of using the multi-color scheme is also available for the brands. The base color is also customizable, and the customers are not bound to select a plain white color.

Let's discuss the colors of the illustrated image; the designer uses metallic shades on dark black color sheets for the dots. It is an amazing contrast; the shiny dots grab the attention of the viewers at once. These cones serve both packaging and display purposes as the shimmery look of metallic dots grabs the attention of the customers. 

Paper french fries cones with metallic shades

If you want to add a royal look to your french fries, then you should use metallic color cones for the packaging of the french fries. However, these colors make the covering look more robust just due to its unique shade.

Now let's have a look at the below; picture it's a bronze color french fries cone that has both light and dark shades of bronze. Just this twist would make the french fries cones more interesting for the customers. Once you generate the interest, then the customers willingly buy your french fries that are inside the paper cone of the metallic shade.  

Plain color french fries cones

It is true that the customization is the name of attaching some design to the cones, but sometimes the design is not as important as a slight twist of structure. So, if you pick a single color but with an amazing structure, you would be able to win more hearts than using complex designs. 

Now you must think about how you can boost the structure of a simple cone, so the below-mention design is a perfect example. A small cone is placed on the head of a big cone. This cone is for the dip and sauce. So, this design is best for those who need two hits two birds with one stone. 

However, all these structural, sizing, coloring, and design options are available for those who pick the custom french fries cones. The premade french fries cones are available with the fix options, and the customers cannot change or alter them.  

Gingham designed a french fries cone with a traditional look

One of the most traditional designs for those who love ethnicity and traditions. The gingham design has been available for years, and still, it is appreciated by the customers. Sometimes the brands use this design to match the french fries cones with their restaurant theme. 

Now you must think about why you go for the custom french fries cones. So you need the answer to this confusion; the premade gingham style cones are not available in the serving size you need, in colors you need, or last but not least, in the material you need. 

So, the custom option lets the brands pick any color, serving size, and material that they require to create the best match of the french fries cones with the theme of their restaurant. And this is the reason the brands need custom options, and they do not need to pick the premade packaging solutions. 

Kraft paper french fries cones


Sometimes the audience feels more trustful, but the product from the brand which can exhibit it is fulfilling the social cooperation responsibility. For example, the use of eco-friendly material not only helps the easy recycling of the packaging products but also makes the audience delighted. 

Therefore, the packaging makers offer the Kraft paper cone sleeve with its earthy brown theme. However, the Kraft paper is also printable, but the brands go for styling it instead of using the toxic inks for the design of the cones.

The picture clearly demonstrates the amazing beauty of the Kraft french fries cones that are also having a small cone on the above edge. This cone can be used for the sauce and dip as per customer demand. 

Few words in the end

All the above-illustrated designs are capable of portraying the positive brand image of your french fries selling brand. However, the customer can get discounts if they go for the custom french fries cones wholesale.